The Floe Bottle is a silicone bottle that is designed to insulate and deliver ice slushy as well as cool liquids to athletes.
The design makes use of the material's insulation properties and flexibility to keep the ice cool, while being flexible enough to squeeze it out.

The bottle has an inner skin that creates an air pocket between the two layers, aiding in the insulation properties - allowing the bottle to stay cool for up to three hours in temperatures of 25 degrees. 
This inner bottle is also removable, making it easy to clean.

The Patented nozzle was designed for easy flow of ice slushy while also allowing delivery of cool liquids. 
The only other known alternative to this worldwide is a 'cup and a spoon'.

Extensive research was undertaken into appropriate materials and a testing programme was integrated throughout the design process to ensure all requirements were met, such as single handed operation, insulation and liquid flow.

The Floe Bottle won silver in the consumer product category for New Zealand's Best Design Awards 2013.