Haworth | Custom Storage

Haworth Inc is a global company and America's largest office furniture company who are working to change the way interior spaces are designed and built in offices all around the world; through their 600+ dealers distributing in 120 countries worldwide they offer seating, storage and lighting systems to name a few. 

On numerous occasions Haworth have engaged Procreate to assist with the development of new products for their expanding range of office furniture.  Generally Haworth present Procreate with basic 2D and 3D illustrations of their preferred design solutions.  Procreates tasks are to subsequently validate the aesthetic designs through the use of renders as well as  detail the mechanical design for manufacture.  The design phases commonly included the following tasks:


  • 3D CAD modelling
  • Photorealistic rendering
  • Supply chain, quotations and BOM
  • Production drawings
  • Prototyping
  • Product verification