The Kiwee Company | Kiwee Lifter

Worldwide, forty per cent of the world’s population has access to flush toilets, equating to around three billion people globally. And yet, there is still much debate and anger over a simple faux pas that mainly men seem to do, and which strikes at the heart of gender equality, and that is the act of leaving the toilet seat up.

The original Kiwee Lifter prototype was developed by its creator in 1993 to end that age-old debate with his wife, and with the basic mechanics of the design kept similar to its original prototype. Procreate was tasked to transform it into the sleek, modern design we have commercially produced today.

Kiwee has been designed fit within the modern bathroom environment. It is made of robust steel and die cast zinc/aluminium to meet durability requirements. Kiwee uses very high bond (VHB) adhesive tape specifically formulated to work effectively in a moist bathroom context. This means no screws or bathroom renovations are needed to install Kiwee. The design is simple for the purposes of cleaning and keeping it sturdy for everyday use and functionality.

The Kiwee Lifter can be easily removed from the top of the toilet seat to allow the removal of the seat to be cleaned if necessary and it can therefore be easily replaced back on.