Arrowhead Alarm Products (AAP) design and manufacture electronic security and medical alarm equipment in New Zealand. The company, now in partnership with The CROW Group, still retains two of its original directors and with them, a vibrant and world beating skill base. Arrowhead is now a major force in the New Zealand security market – Where they manufacture, import and distribute the whole spectrum of security products. AAP distribute to other wholesale security suppliers and also to a wide cross section of Security installation companies.

The Issues

AAP manufactured a Medical Alarm using processes not suited to higher production volumes where they wanted to take their current product range. There were also technological challenges that they wanted to overcome. The other major factor was the need to be perceived as a high quality and reliable product option in order to compete with large competitors. This was to be addressed through modern aesthetic application and quality manufacturing and assembly techniques.

The Solution

Procreate generated a number of aesthetic and mechanical solutions that allowed the client to select and have input in a holistic process that considered the end user needs and ergonomic requirements along with the high volume manufacturing processes expected to be required. The new Medical Alarm has opened up new international markets for the client and includes a Base Station and a Transmitter that can be worn as a wrist Watch, a Pendant, a Broach, or mounted to a wall as a room located device. The latest manufacturing techniques were utilised to reduce manufacturing time and ensure product cost remained competitive.