The Comfort Group | Mezzo Bed

The role of the bed in our lives is changing now. We spend more time awake in them. Reading, streaming, talking, working…and even sleeping. Mezzo was designed with this in mind. It’s been engineered for the kind of lives we’re living today, not for times past. It’s a product born out of today’s diverse lifestyle.

Mezzo was designed for millennials, who told us their requirements:

  • My bed must fit in with my life
  • It has to be aesthetically pleasing, an object of desire
  • My happy place, not just for sleeping

There are two variations of the Mezzo design; the winged and non-winged version. The winged version combines the features of a bedside table so can hold a bedside lamp, book etc.

The Mezzo bed was designed in collaboration with Procreate & Jamie McLennan.