Postec | OPT



Founded in 1987, Postec provides comprehensive forecourt and wet stock control systems for the oil industry. Postec’s systems architecture is based around the Postec Communication Controller (PCC), a proprietary robust hardware platform designed specifically for this purpose. This enables the PCC to provide virtually unlimited connectivity to electronic forecourt devices without degrading the performance of the forecourt LAN.


The issues

Postec develops a range of its own proprietary products and for some time had worked on creating an Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT), bringing together a number of third-party interface modules. These include a secure keypad, secure card reader, LCD and soft keys. The modules needed to be mounted in a custom-designed housing to enable pay-at-the-pump customers to make transactions on the petrol forecourt in a secure and efficient manner.


The solution

Procreate was engaged to design and coordinate the manufacture of the product housing along with associated internal mechanical components. The product needed to fit within as small a footprint as possible while satisfying the security requirements of PCI 2.0 and withstanding the harsh environment encountered on petrol forecourts around the world.

The resulting Postec OPT has been designed to maximise ease of use with aesthetic features that will complement the individual interface modules. The rapid delivery of a successful design was made possible by leveraging the Procreate team’s past experience in developing products for similarly harsh environmental conditions. Procreate’s contribution to the project assisted Postec in securing significant international sales in this exciting growth market.