Power by proxi | proxi-module

The Proxi-Module™ is the world's first modular system designed to transfer power wirelessly in existing or new, industrial or consumer product applications. The system offers the highest power density for it’s size, of any wireless power solution on the market. To achieve this we were required to design a housing that meets specific mechanical, environmental and thermal requirements, whilst not impeding the overall functionality of the system.

Power By Proxi was purchased by Apple Inc. in 2017

The Proxi-Module™ system includes the transmitter power module (Tx), the transmitter coil (Tx coil), the receiver power module (Rx) and receiver coil (Rx coil). Each power module contains a main PCB and a separate programmable UI board. The Tx power module has a 24v DC power input which transmits up to 100 watts of energy through any non-electrically conductive medium (air, glass, plastic, fluids etc) to the Rx power module and onto the electrical load (actuator, sensor, motor etc).

The front end cap is made up of three components which houses the coil and allows for the tuning of the litz wire, which is essential for the operation of the system. The coil is potted inside the front end cap using specific heat resistant compound making the entire front end cap robust. When used in situation, the front end cap is mounted into a bracket that allows for the cap to be adjusted as required. It is then clamped to withstand shock and vibration that meet stringent testing standards.

A separate module for data transfer was developed that could seamlessly integrate within Proxi-Module™ system. With a Proxi-Com module, the system allows for transfer of both power and data across a gap. The data transfer uses standard communication protocols and allows for wireless communications within the host application.

The Proxi-Module was a finalist in the product non-consumer category at the New Zealand's Best Design Awards 2017



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