Procreate was consulted to provide Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering for a brand new Phitek IFE product (Wireless Internet in Flight).  Procreate also had the responsibility of supplying and building a batch of functional prototypes to be used in Aircraft and displayed at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) 2016 in Hamburg, Germany.

Procreate developed the product through to and including building the fully functional units that allowed the client to provide a product quite unique to anything else they currently marketed.

Streaming high quality IFE content to passenger devices just got easier

Airlines understand that passengers want it all – they want high quality media without dark shadowing or poor image quality, they want uninterrupted IFE without having to shift seats because their seat system has broken, and they want to use their tablet because they just bought it and it’s the latest technology and that’s why they put it in their carry-on luggage on their trip to Paris.

Phitek understands passengers as well as they understand what airlines are seeking. Airlines want to deliver an excellent passenger IFE experience at the same time as generating some revenue, and they would like to tell their airline story through an interactive and adaptable experience rather than just the magazine in the pocket of the seat – all through an easy to install and operate technology solution.