Solotec | Kayak Rack

Solotec identified a huge gap in the current roof rack loading market – loading by yourself.  The “pain point” solved is the loading of long, heavy or awkward objects onto a vehicle roof rack without assistance from another person.

Kayaks – especially the heavier fishing kayaks, canoes and paddle boards are all ideal and expanding markets.   The construction and trade industry markets also have huge potential for the Solotec Loader for loading of materials such as pipes, poles, ladders, timber, sheets of ply or roofing materials. Injury prevention has enormous marketing potential.

The Solotec loader is universally adaptable for use across the full range of roof rack brands and vehicle makes and models – therefore is not constrained to any one market or brand.

Choice of materials and a design enabling complete disassembly allows 100% recyclability.

The Solotec Loader has been used and tested in NZ by Olympic Champion and kayaking retailer – Ian Ferguson.